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Pricing Training Costs

Training Costs

2 Personal Training P/w (8 per month) = €360 p/m
2 Personal Training P/w + 1 Classes = €400 p/m
1 Personal Training P/w + 2 Classes = €436 p/m



Payment Methods

Web based payment. Payments must be done online, monthly and in advance as there is no credit card machine in Pura Vida.  Login to your online banking and set up Pura Vida as a beneficiary. Choose to store your details as an account so that it will remember you when you visit next time. Its useful to set up the payment as a recurring monthly payment. Setting up a Standing Order in your banking branch is also an option.  Remember you are in control of all your payments to Pura Vida.

Payment Means

Online Bank Transfer

No cheques or cash accepted please.




Personal Training sessions are 30 mins in duration.

Warm up – 30 Mins – Pre planned ‘Warm up of the day’ will be given to you to complete, 30 mins before your PT session.

3 Personal Training Sessions per week is also available – Also I want to encourage ALL clients to take part in some group sessions, and become more independent rather than relying on their trainer for One to One attention. However if you are going to miss a weeks training because you are away, then please book in 3 sessions before you leave and 3 for the week you get back so you can make up your 8 sessions per month.