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Facilities Both Pura Vida & Nearby


Pura Vida Facilities

  • Indoor Studio Gym
  • Outdoor Space
  • The Pura Vida natural garden
  • Yoga Studios


  • Private Parking
  • Surround Sound
  • Secure¬† Access
  • Shower and changing rooms



  • Running Track
  • Bathroom and Changing area

Nearby Facilities:

Greystones, voted Europe’s “most livable town,” has incredible facilities.

  • Natural Beach, for walks, runs swimming 50m away.
  • Golf course – Pura Vida is located on Charlesland Golf Course
  • Driving Range 50m away from Pura Vida
  • Swimming Pool – 25m for public/casual use
  • 400m Running Track
  • Network of cycling, running and walking tracks.