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Client Detox Results, findings and recommendations

Nov 5th, 2013

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Client Detox Results, findings and recommendations

Well the results are in for those who filled in the survey following the final day of the detox.

So overall the results look pretty positive. The graph below appears a little fuzzy, but it is attached also below.

Some recommendations as a follow up to the detox are as follows:

During the detox you proved self control when choosing what to eat.
Please continue to exercise this level of control as you saw the positives to it.

The ingredients you still have over are for continual consumption – even the Spurulina!
You can continue to make your superfood smoothies in the mornings.
However as the days get cooler, you may opt for some more warming foods:

  • A hot/cooked breakfast – Eggs, Salmon, Banana Pancakes (PV recipe)
  • Watch out for – Unhealthy Sausages – opt for butcher bought locally made ones. I recommend venison sausages.
  • Bacon – use actual ham sliced off the joint – not processed crap stuff in packets. (that’s the posh way to do it).
  • Baked beans – Get sugar free beans.  Best if a bad bunch of intensively grown crops – organic one are best.
  • Egg – Organic Free Range or local where you can see the hens.
  • Milky coffees – If you like foamy ones, stick to something like a Machiato – whereby the foam is just poured on top of a water based coffee. (Its much lower calories).
  • Porridge – no matter what I say about porridge – there are those who will still eat it. If you do – Soak it overnight, stick it in a saucepan, and boil it. Dont microwave it as you will wreck every ingredient in it except for the sugars!
  • Eat warm lunches and dinners.  Salad in the Winter – just ain’t natural.
  • Eat meat based soups and cassaroles – using veg as your carb source.
  • Eat stews, whereby the bones are immersed and cooked slowly – to release the good minerals (like absorbable calcium) and nutrients from the bone marrow.
Results are in:

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 10.07.00

Actual quoted and unedited detox client responses:

“Lost about 8lbs but seemed to put most back on quickly after stopping. Have definitely lost an inch off my waist however and kept it off. Energy levels have increased and feel better all round. I plan to do the next one in Jan. An improvement might be to help participants understand the purpose of each ingredient/recipe. I felt I learned a lot just by reading the packets but don’t really know how best to continue to use them on an ongoing basis. Perhaps its not that complicated anyway. Another improvement might be to change the resipe measurements as I had half a gallon or so of soup left over ! All round the detox is well worth doing.”

“Over the preparation week and the detox week I lost 6 kg – 2 in the preparation week and 4 in detox week”

“At this point I am not sure I would take part in one in January as I think that would be too soon – but ask me in January and it might be a different story!

“No real weight loss but much better energy levels and appreciation of food”

“Worked really good with my body and reset digestive system, no cramps or pains“I found it quite testing but also quite satisfying on completion. Felt a sense of achievement having completed the 4 days successfully. What I enjoyed most was discovering the juicer and experimenting with the different fruit and veg drinks, colours and flavours were amazing. i found the first day relatively easy, 2nd day hard where by I experienced a slump, 3rd and 4th day I had more energy than 2nd day.I didn’t return to normal diet but to a low carb diet. In terms of benefits, I didn’t experience any significant weight loss, I did feel good on the days following the detox but whether this was related to the detox or merely the fact that I felt better due to eating again I don’t know. I would say I felt a bit lighter, however I ran almost daily during the detox also. i think the detox is useful to reprogram ones diet, to cut down carbs and excessive sugars and not miss them too much once detox is over, shows us we can function very well on much smaller amounts of sugars & carbs.”
“Weight loss was nominal- 1.5 kilos
Great energy levels- day 2 was the worst!
Would definitely do it again after Christmas!”

“Lost 4lbs – by day 4 felt I had more energy. My husband took part and he lost 7 lbs. prob would do one next jan but would like a few changes. I had prepared very well with the soups and raw veg which enabled me to get through the 4 days without stressing too much about food..



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