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Adam’s NON Porridge

Nov 20th, 2013

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Adam’s NON Porridge

Adam’s Non Porridge: How to Prepare;


Not exactly a professional photo image but taken at 6am this morning (after I had eaten some!)

Most breakfast cereals are what I would call a lazy mans breakfast, eaten “coz it’s quick and easy and they are too damn lazy to get up 5 mins earlier and cook/prepare something decent.
Now thats its cold outside, the idea of a smoothie or a juice, is not so attractive, as it was in the summer.  So is here my preparation instructions for my Non Porridge.  I take the liberty to use the word “NON’ to mean, Its not just porridge – it’s much more than that, with the addition of protein and fat, thereby making it a balanced meal,  rather than a breakfast snack.
  1. One cup of Kilbeggan* Organic Porridge oat. 2.5 cups of water. (Note – no milk or creaming agent is needed as the Kilbeggan oats have their own creaminess).
  2. Soak overnight.
  3. Add some** raisins or any dried fruit. Add some mixed seeds and nuts.
  4. Add to high heat till bubbling in a saucepan.
  5. Turn down the heat to summer .
  6. Break two organic eggs into the porridge and stir in gently until they disappear!
  7. Add a small knob of butter and a spoon of honey.
  8. … and  finally – I was lucky to top mine off with some of my wife’s stewed apple and pear.
  9. Now that’s meal that will keep you satisfied. Enjoy.
  10. Note – just because you make it once, does not mean to should make and eat it every day! Vary your diet, don’t be a bore!
  11. Next time, I will share with you my (already famous) recipe for banana pancakes..

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*I have no vested interest in Kilbeggan, except I met with farmer Lawlor of Kilbeggan Oats, at a trade show and was impressed with his passion for soil.
** You don’t need to measure or weigh exact amounts of the additions/toppings – Experiment for yourself!

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